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Autumn Elegance

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Celebrate the autumn season with Kitten Studio's new collection, ‘Autumn Elegance.’ Enjoy the harvest with patterns of pumpkins, zigzags, sunflowers, berries, plaids, and ginghams all illustrated in a warm brown, tan, cream, and black palette. Each design has a metallic flourish and the 24-inch panel features various pumpkin designs bordered in gingham and a deep black that contrasts beautifully with the cream background. Bring autumn home now, with this 12-piece pattern.
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Autumn Elegance 723M-33 Gold Zigzag


Autumn Elegance 724M-99 Black Background


Autumn Elegance 726M-99 Black


Autumn Elegance 728M-35 Brown Gold Plaid


Autumn Elegance 729M-99 Tossed Sunflower on black


Autumn Elegance 730M-01 White Gold pumpkins


Autumn Elegance 730M-99 white gold pumpkins on black


Autumn Elegance 732M-04 Panel Pumpkins White Elegant


Autumn Elegance 733MP-04 Elegant pumpkin panel 24 inch